Day: March 7, 2022

Treaty of Waitangi TEEL Paragraph

For reading I have created a TEEL Paragraph about the Treaty of Waitangi. A TEEL paragraph is a structure used to write a paragraph that gives the reader correct information when they are reading about a text. In the TEEL paragraph I have written, it explains about when it was signed, the problems it caused from the British, how it was fixed, and how it could be honoured. The first paragraph is about what the treaty is, the second one talks about more about the treaty, like what happened before it as signed. The third sentence explains about the solution of the problem, and the last sentence explains how the treaty could be honoured, and how the rules are changing slowly over time.

I found this activity fun because I learnt what the Waitangi Tribunal since this was a new information to me, and writing this TEEL paragraph gave me a new perspective of the Maori culture, language, people, and history.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi Dot to Dot Connections

For reading we did a dot to dot connection task, which would help us link ideas to each 7 words. I worked with Hector, Fala, and Te Raumati , to get some good ideas from each other. For example we can connect treaty to honour because it was a big part of New Zealand history. Another connecion we can do is protection and iwi, because the Maori people wanted protection, partnership, and participation.

I found this activity hard because it was hard to find the connections between each topics.