Day: March 8, 2022

Cinquain Poem

LI: To write a cinquain poem to describe a leader who inspires you

This term we have been building our leadership skills. Our challenge today was to write a cinquain poem to help us strengthen our connections to description that describes leaders who inspire us. 

A cinquain poem has 5 lines. Each line has a different purpose. Line 1 is a noun which is a name. Line 2 has 2 adjectives that describe the noun. Line 3 has 3 verbs that end in ‘ing’ and describe the actions. Line 4 is a noun phrase which is a group of words (not a sentence) that go together to describe the noun. Line 5 is a synonym which is a word with a similar meaning to the noun. 

I found this activity fun because when writing the cinquain poem I learnt new words and their definitions other than just writing hard worker into more powerful words.