Day: March 25, 2022


LI: To understand the roles in a relationship and understand what a working partnership looks like

To help us understand the vocabulary in this task we defined each word then worked collaboratively to ‘tell me, show me and explain to me’ what these words mean.

This activity was fun because defining the words allowed me to expand my knowledge on the 6 words. 

PB4L Manners

LI. To use manners and show respect to adults and visitors.

This weeks PB4L lesson was about using manners towards adults and visitors.

Using manners is important because it allows others to treat you the way you want to be treated, and allows others to build their confidence by talking to the teachers, but it also shows the respect value which is important at our school.

It is important to show respect to the adults and visitors since it could show them that they welcomed to the school. There are many expected ways we can be respectful to adults/visitors. You can hold doors open for adults as a way of showing your respect to them. Using appropriate language around visitors and adults should be automatic. Some ways to speak formally in front of adults is to use manners although you should always use manners at all times. When a visitor is speaking, always make sure to listen and look at them to prove that you are listening to them.

This activity was important for all of us because sometimes we forget and we need to remind ourselves to do the right thing.

Text Based Evidence

LI:To find evidence in the text to support your answer.

This week our group read the text Family Photographs. After reading the text and thinking about the information in the article our challenge was to support the statements based on the questions given. This means also looking at the photos for clues and ideas to give us more information.

This activity was interesting because it helped us learn what type of evidence we need to support a information text.