Day: April 8, 2022

T-ball | P.E

Yesterday we took a t-ball session with Kelly Sports. Our coach (Cameron) taught us the proper rules of t-ball. 

First, we played a game of a noodle tag as our warm up. People who had the noodles practiced batting by tagging people with the noodle with both hands on the item. 

Next, we got straight into a game of t-ball. To win we used the different methods that coach Cameron to get the other team out. A way we used to get the runner out was by putting the ball back on the tee before they got to their base. The runner can also get themself out if they hit the tee or miss the ball, which is called a strike. If they get three strikes they are out. Once three people get out we swap roles. We played against two different teams.

We enjoyed doing this activity because one we knew the rules and how we could play it efficiently, we were able to get points.