Day: April 12, 2022

Statistical Investigation – Reading for Pleasure

LI: to analyse and communicate findings in context.

Today my partner and I did a statistical investigation about reading for pleasure. After we analysed the responses we created three graphs that which separated the 2 year levels and the gender. This would be easier to look and see the data. Then we created an explanation by identifying the problem of why there were many no’s in the survey answers. We then suggested a possible solution to the problems, which could give the students the ability to read a more bigger selection of books instead of only choosing it from the school library. 

We enjoyed doing this activity because we were able to learn from the data/information which would lead us to the conclusion of what must need to happen in the future. 

Healthy Relationships

LI: To understand how a healthy relationship has a positive impact.

This week our Inquiry lesson was focused on showing how we think healthy relationships can have a positive impact.

 In our DLO, we showed how healthy relationships can impact something in a positive manner and what healthy relationships are to us. We all have different opinions on healthy relationships and what we think it could have an impact on. 

This activity was fun because I was able to write my own understanding of what a healthy relationship is.