Day: May 20, 2022

Kandinsky Art

LI:to use colours that relate to your emotions from the music.

For the past couple of weeks LS2 has been investigating mood and atmosphere. We started by reading a variety of ANZAC poems, and highlighting how each sentence made us feel. Afterwards we answered different questions about how we felt during the poems. 

Our next step was to listen to a montage of music, and use colors to represent how we felt listening to each song. The circles had to be concentric, meaning they started in the middle of our page, and progressed outwards. This art was based of a russian artist by the name of Wassily Kandinsky. He would normally listen to opera music and paint how he feels.  

I really enjoyed doing this activity because doing this allowed me to express the emotions I felt while listening to the different types of music by painting the different types of colours I felt and making a concentric circle out of it.