Tech – Pewter Casting

LI: To make pewter casting. 

This was our last session with Mr Grundy for tech. For the past 3 weeks, the Year 8’s have been doing pewter casting, to make our own necklaces. 

For us to do this we all picked a design already created (that we liked), and started to carve the edges, which needed to be smooth (and I did the two hearts)

After we finished making the edges smooth, we went on with using 4 different types of sandpaper, first one 120 watts, 400 watts, 800 watts, and lastly 1200 watts. 

Then, after we finished the fourth sandpaper, we put some water and sand papered it, which we did on both sides and also the edges, again.

Lastly, Mr Grundy did the finishing touches of polishing our designs on a blade. We later used a cleaning liquid to clean the design which had some type of product that was used to polish our creation. He then put on a necklace string which we could clip onto the middle of our pewter casting.

I found this activity fun because we were able to finish our pewter castings, and were able to wear them. 

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