Day: July 28, 2022


LI: to determine our prior knowledge of celebrations.

This week we were looking at celebrations and what we already understand about them. We know that there are different types of celebrations that different people acknowledge and participate in. However, there are many more specific celebrations that people hold sacred to themselves.

Celebration is a type of event where groups of people acknowledge a holiday or something significant to them or their religion/culture. There can be two types of celebrations. One type of celebration is a religious holiday or religious time, the other type of celebration is a non-religious marking. For example: a religious celebration is like Diwali or Eid. A non-religious marking is like a birthday, mothers day, fathers day or graduation. These are all considered types of celebration.

These are some practices people do during different celebrations or markings; During Eid, Muslims come together and pray in the morning and then go to celebrate Eid throughout the rest of the day. During Christmas, people put out some cookies and milk to ‘feed’ father Christmas/Santa. During birthdays, people recieve presents and a birthday cake.

I enjoyed this activity because I am familiar with many celebrations and have a lot of prior knowledge to do with celebrations.