Day: August 3, 2022

Kiwi Sports | Rippa Rugby

This week for Kiwi Sports, we played Rippa Rugby with some of the LS1 students, which was run by coach Chelsea from Kelly Sports.

First, we learnt the rules of rippa rugby. Those rules were no forward passes, there are only 5 rips, always behind the referee when the person gets ripped, and if you step out it’s a hand over.

Next, we played a warm up game where everyone had to rip each other’s tags. The rules were you have to stay on the court, you can’t fend when someone is trying to rip you, and if both of your tags get ripped you’re out. We played two rounds of this game.

After that, we practised our passing. We did this drill in pairs and we had to make sure we had our hands in a W shape so our partner knows where to pass the ball to. We practised this drill for a while to help us with our passing, aiming, and catching.

Lastly, we played a game of rippa which was people with yellow tags vs people with red tags. I was in the red team. When we finished, I thought the score was close but I’m unsure who won.

I enjoyed this session because it gave an oppertunity to learn and improve skills used in rippa rugby.


LI: To understand how media has changed over time.

This week we had our first Newshound session with Mrs Grant were looking at media and how it has changed over time. We discused what was positive, and what was negative about media in the 1980s and today. One of the positive side in 1980s was that people had enough sleep as the television went off at midnight since there wasn’t any programmes. One of the positive side about today was how more information is available to use. 

I found this activity interesting because seeing both sides of the 1980s and today, I can see now how much media has changed, improved over time as years passed by.