Day: August 16, 2022


LI: to explore the difference between miss information and disinformation, and opening the door to the truth.

This week for newshound, we looked at what misinformation, and disinformation were. When we look at different media, it impacts our life about what information we click and read.

Disinformation are news that is purposly spread with lies to the media, whereas misinformation is news that people don’t know its false before knowing what they posted or isn’t trying to harm anything.

This fake site was a combination of getting support for their Donald Trumps team, money, and damaging Hillary Clinton’s reputation of US election 2016. I think this because he was giving more support for Trump as he supported Donald Trump, and wanted his parliment to win, and earned about 35,000 NZD ($22,000 USD), and this also made Trump become 2016 US president.

I enjoyed doing this activity because depending on the news story its easy for everyone to get everyones attention, and how its important to stop, think, then check.