Day: August 22, 2022

Eating times | PB4L

Students will remain seated while eating and dispose of rubbish correctly.

In the past 2 weeks we have been learning about the correct eating ways during morning tea and lunch time. Our group looked and discussed the different types of ways we could be mindful and eat correctly during these breaks, e.g. how returning the lunch tray on time is helpful to Whaea Hera. This is important as it would save time for her instead of waiting for the lunch trays to be delivered after the lunch bell.

I enjoyed doing this activity because this would give other students and I to know what to do during breaks, and give us a good and better environment.

Character Story Response

These are our character story responses where we analyze texts to build on our understanding of wolves and different characters. Once we read each text, we looked at some details that weren’t in the texts, made connections by sharing what we would do if we were the wolf, what perspective we think the texts are written in and what we could infer from the text. Looking at these books, we could see that the texts were mostly written in third person or in the narrator’s perspective because of the use of third person pronouns. Each texts are narratives and use past continuous tense. Past continuous talks about something continuously happening in the past. For example: the boy was walking towards the shops.

I enjoyed doing this activity because it let us practice analysing characters and how authors use character traits to portray people or figures in stories.