Day: August 30, 2022

First impressions of Character Comparison

LI: To make an informed opinion.

To complete this activity I compared two texts. One from the perspective of the protagonist and one from the perspective of the antagonist. We used evidence from the text to support our thinking. To show my understanding considered both perspectives and I made an informed opinion. Do you agree with me?

3 Little Pig Wolf Analysis

Over the past few weeks our reading group has been looking at the characterisation of wolves and how they are often painted in bad light. For this particular task, we compared two texts that paint the wolf in good light and bad light, as the protagonist and as the antagonist. We used our connections and comparisons to make informed opinions on how the author can influence our ideas about the characterisation of wolves. To prove this with data we carried out a survey to find out people’s perceptions on characters in children’s literature. The text we used to gather our information was the Three Little Pigs. 

Have a look at the graphs we made to see how different people see different characters and our opinions on why they might think this way.

We have included our Google Form because if you are reading this post we would like you to fill in the form and share your thinking so we can find out what a wider audience think about the same text. This will take you about 5 minutes to complete.