Describe the character

LI: to describe a character from a text we have read.

This term we have been looking at the different ways author’s bring characters to life. We thought about where the characters were, what situations they were in, the emotions they may have felt, what might have been going through their minds and how the author used sensory imagery to show us, rather than tell us about personalities and adventures of the characters we were reading about. I have used examples from the text and my own word knowledge to describe the character as seen through the author’s eyes.

To complete this activity, I described the wolves that had been in the 4 texts. I used the illustration from the text to narrate what the wolf is like in each texts. This activity was to build our understanding on characterisation and how authors can use vocabulary to develop a character. Using sensory imagery, we created a descriptive piece of text about the scene and used them in order to give emotion into the scene, making the reader think how we would want them to think.

By reflecting on this activity I can understand how to describe a character with more powerful vocabulary words.

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