Scene Description

LI: to describe a scene from a text we have read.


We have been exploring the ways writers use words to create mood and atmosphere in a text. I have used my knowledge of different langauge features used to  create mood and atmosphere in this text to help me describe a scene from the text that the character found themselves in. 

To complete this activity, I chose a scene from each text I have read. This reading challenge was to allow us to understand more about how the scenes are built and how authors use a variety of vocabulary to influence the way the audience encounters the different scenes, meaning it gives a well painted picture based on the scene. While describing the scene, we also used sensory imagery to support our thinking of the scene, which expresses how it feels in the that particular state.

I found this activity helpful because I learned how to be more familiar with using advanced vocabulary and sensory imagery to make my text more powerful. 

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