Day: September 20, 2022

Positive Attitude

LI: to design a ‘be positive’ poster to encourage others.

This week for PB4L, we have been learning about the positive attitude, and creating a list of positive words or phrases to encourage yourself and other like positive quotes for others, having these quotes also means having encouragement towards others. Having postitive attitude towards learning allows you to have a good mind-set, respectful to others, and focused. This would give students with their learning and improve on things that they are working on.

One of the quotes that we had was prioritise yourself, as its important to not always think about others but yourself. It also includes focusing on yourself and beliving that you are a great person, instead of judging you from peoples social media posts.

I enjoyed doing this activity because most of these quotes come in handy, and these quotes relate to us when things are going hard.