Day: November 15, 2022

Firework Provocation

LI: to consider both sides of the story.

This week for reading, we have been carrying on with our provocation on fireworks. Before doing this activity we researched about the good and bad facts of the fireworks, and did the extended discussion with our group to state our opinion, to agree or disagree with our statement. Out of the best reasons we have heard from the conversation, we put it on a T-Chart. Fromt this, we looked at both sides of the story and decided on if fireworks should be kept or banned in our modern day celebrations. In this DLO we gave evidence to the damages caused by this event and the enjoyable side of the story, and stated our informed opinion on if fireworks should be banned or not.

I enjoyed doing this activity because listening to others ideas made me rethink about my opinion on fireworks.