Day: November 17, 2022

Attempt New Things & Ask for Help

LI: Students will learn that it’s okay to try new things and to ask for help when needed.

For PB4L, we are reminding ourselves why it is important to attempt to do new things and to ask for help. This session encourages students and people so that they can continue doing what they find interest in or so they can improve their academic performance.

It is important to attempt new things because you can identify which activites you find enjoyable and which are not your hobby. 

It is important to ask for help because the problem will be stuck in your head and you won’t get ahead.

I enjoyed doing this task because its important to know these skills to help you with your learning, and to try new things even if you don’t think you can do it. 

Match Girls Strike of 1888

LI: To identify the significance of the Match Girls Strike of 1888.

Today we had a session with David, our PB4L leader. He was teaching us about the match girls strike of 1888. This Strike of 1888 explains the hardships that the match girls went through, this eventually led to a protest trying to raise awareness for women who don’t get appreciate their hard work by not getting paid.

I enjoyed doing this activity because in the 1888 and back, women were looked down because they weren’t men. 

An interesting fact I learnt during this activity was how the yellow phosphorus could damage someones face which would be devastating and how there were people who died from this disease.