Day: December 12, 2022

Summer Learning Journey | Treasure Hunt – Create your science toolkit

This was the first activity for the Summer Learning Journey Nanogirl activity. In this activity I worked with Jaylee to find the materials to the clues that were given to us, to help find exactly what she was looking for, to create our own science toolkit. On the DLO, we have listed all the things we found form our search.

I enjoyed doing this activity because even though we couldn’t find certain materials, we managed to use other things to help us with the treasure hunt.

Summer Learning Journey | Toa Samoa

This week for Summer Learning Journey, I have done a teaser activity called Toa Samoa, wave the flag. In this activity I have labeled the different parts of the Samoan flag. The 5 stars representing the Southern Cross Constellation, the blue colour representing for the freedom, and lastly red representing courage.

I enjoyed doing this activity because I was able to learn the meaning behind each colours and symbols on the Samoan flag.


Summer Learning Journey | Unleash Your Inner Artist

This week I have done another activity called unleash your inner artist. I have used this Manga Character site to help me form a character. The first step to this activity was to made the outline for the character, after that I had traced the blue lines to make the character more visible, and added colours, which I then used a button which blended the colours more than the left side.

An interesting fact I found about Manga was how the first ever type of Manga was printed in woodblocks, with stories dating back to the 12 century.