Summer Learning Journey | Treasure Hunt – Create your science toolkit

This was the first activity for the Summer Learning Journey Nanogirl activity. In this activity I worked with Jaylee to find the materials to the clues that were given to us, to help find exactly what she was looking for, to create our own science toolkit. On the DLO, we have listed all the things we found form our search.

I enjoyed doing this activity because even though we couldn’t find certain materials, we managed to use other things to help us with the treasure hunt.

One thought on “Summer Learning Journey | Treasure Hunt – Create your science toolkit

  1. Talofa lava Chisa great to see you interacting with the task from Nano girl. I hope you’re excited thinking about what she might have you using this toolkit for!
    Good on you for thinking about alternatives to what you might use for your toolkit when you couldn’t find the exact items.
    Looking forward to the next tasks you will complete. You’ve officially got your first points on the board with this task.
    Mrs Tele’a

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