Day: December 20, 2022

Summer Learning Journey | Grand Designs

This week for Summer Learning Journey, I have done my grand design. As you can tell from the image above, I have created a tent at the beach, with sunblock, fries, jandals, a mini Christmas tree, chilly box, with soda’s, towel, beach ball, as well as a beach umbrella to keep away the sun.

I have chosen this summer shelter used for relaxation in warm weather at the beach, in addition because Aotearoa Has a great sunset, and a sunrise at the beach. I’d like to have this because I been to the beach many times, but have not relaxed and had a tent at the beach for a long time, and the location could posibly be Piha Beach, which is located in the west Auckland, New Zealand.

I enjoyed doing this activity because I think its important to think about what kind of summer shelter you would like, and design your own with everything you would like in it.