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This week for Summer Learning Journey, I have done my grand design. As you can tell from the image above, I have created a tent at the beach, with sunblock, fries, jandals, a mini Christmas tree, chilly box, with soda’s, towel, beach ball, as well as a beach umbrella to keep away the sun.

I have chosen this summer shelter used for relaxation in warm weather at the beach, in addition because Aotearoa Has a great sunset, and a sunrise at the beach. I’d like to have this because I been to the beach many times, but have not relaxed and had a tent at the beach for a long time, and the location could posibly be Piha Beach, which is located in the west Auckland, New Zealand.

I enjoyed doing this activity because I think its important to think about what kind of summer shelter you would like, and design your own with everything you would like in it.

3 thoughts on “Summer Learning Journey | Grand Designs

  1. Kia ora Chisa

    My name is Theresa and I am one of the Summer Learning Journal commenters.

    Thank you for the detailed explanation of your Summer Grand Design! It was lovely to read all the reasons for your design, ka pai!

    This beach tent looks super relaxing! I would love to have this tent with all the decorations and delicious kai to eat. I’m impressed that you thought of sunblock and an umbrella too as it’s very important to keep safe in the sun.

    Piha would be the perfect beach to take this tent to. Who would you bring with you? Do you think you would stay the night too? Beach sleepover perhaps?!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your amazing work Chisa 🙂

    Ngā mihi

    1. Kia Ora Theresa,

      Thank you for your positive comment! Personally I would really want to bring my family and even my friends there, and maybe I would stay the night too if only the weather is good on that day! How might your summer house look like?


  2. Hi Chisa,

    My summer house would have to be by the water too. I’d like it to be on the grass and have access to nature walks. My house would be made entirely of glass which is tinted with automated curtains so I could open and close them easily! So much fun thinking about this 🙂

    I’d enjoy having my family there too. I think my 2 year old would be so excited spending the night under the stars next to the water. I haven’t taken him camping yet. Have you been camping before – what do you think about living in a tent for a holiday ?


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