Day: December 21, 2022

Summer Learning Journey | One-Line Artwork

For this next Summer Learning Journey activity I have done the kick start one line art challenge, which was a rose, using three colours, black for the outline, red for the pedals, and the green for the leaf. I decided to search up one line art and decided to do a rose because it was one of the drawing that looked a bit challenging. Next time to make it more challenging I might draw a forest just using one line, with 5 colours.

I enjoyed doing this activity because I am always use to drawing with many lines, but doing this challenge gave me something to improve to, and try more often.

Summer Learning Journey | Explore Levers and Catapults

Today I have completed another Summer Learning Journey activity for week 2. The Summer Learning Journey is a program that helps students keep learning throughout the Summer holidays.

For this collaborative activity, I needed to create a seesaw out of objects from our toolbox to use it to catapult objects. I first watched the videos so I can watch the instructions that will help me create a seesaw. I then started making the seesaw using, blu-tack, string, spoon, and a tube. I was able to create this seesaw successfully and catapult different objects.

I found this activity fun because I was able to learn new things in the science by creating something fun.

Summer Learning Journey | Recreating Famous Portraits

For this Summer Learning Journey activity I have done the step it up challenge, which was to write 3 reasons why this challenge might have been successfully (especially during lockdown).

Find more art on this site:

Watch this video on Youtube:  

I enjoyed doing this activity because looking through many people’s art recreations, it was interesting to see what products they used and the art they have used for inspiration.

Summer Learning Journey | It’s Cool to be Kind!

This Summer Learning Journey activity I have done today which is commenting on a persons SLJ’s blog post. In a quality comment, we first need to greet them (e.g. Greetings, hello or you can use your cultural greeting). Next you would need to write something thoughtful about their work they have published, and after that you can ask a question or give feed back to them, to help improve their work.

I have commented on Te Raumati’s grand design blog post. You can visit her blog here: