Summer Learning Journey | One-Line Artwork

For this next Summer Learning Journey activity I have done the kick start one line art challenge, which was a rose, using three colours, black for the outline, red for the pedals, and the green for the leaf. I decided to search up one line art and decided to do a rose because it was one of the drawing that looked a bit challenging. Next time to make it more challenging I might draw a forest just using one line, with 5 colours.

I enjoyed doing this activity because I am always use to drawing with many lines, but doing this challenge gave me something to improve to, and try more often.

One thought on “Summer Learning Journey | One-Line Artwork

  1. Kia ora Chisa,

    This rose looks great! Well done! I like how you have drawn over the petal parts of the rose in red. I’m looking at the leaves and wondering how you drew them in one line. Very clever!

    That’s a really cool idea to draw a forest with one line. Will this just be the canopy of the trees or will you try and draw the trunks too? You should try to draw a line landscape, like a mountain range. This always ends up looking quite cool with all the mountain peaks budding out.

    You’ve also made a great reflection on trying something new. Ka pai! 👏

    Ngā mihi,
    Simon (SLJ)

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