Day: December 22, 2022

Summer Learning Journey | Art for Arts Sake

For this Summer Learning Journey Activity, I have drew my younger self as a Silhouette. A Silhouette is a type of art which is a profile of a black and white background to represent someone. This art was created by Etienne De Silhouette, and as you can tell from the name, the art was named after him, Silhouette.

You can try out this activity by taking a side profile picture of yourself or one of your family members, then tracing the outline of the image and colouring it in black, then cutting the image, and then pasting on it on a white paper /OR if you want to try it on a Google Draw, repeat the same process.

I enjoyed doing this activity because art is usually about having the same details as the reference, good blendings, or choosing the right colours but this activity doesn’t need any detail, and is hard to identify who the person is, which can challenge others to find out more about who the person is.