Summer Learning Journey | Escape Room

For this Summer Learning Journey activity, I have created an escape room using Google Draw and Google Forms. (Since it is my first time using Google Forms, I am not fully clear about how to do this, but I have tried it out myself, so hopefully it works fine). I added a few maths questions which is what allows us to figure out what the code is.

I found this activity hard but also fun because while I tried out the example, it gave me a couple of ideas to do the escape room game.

Can you guess where we are going with these items?

One thought on “Summer Learning Journey | Escape Room

  1. Hi again Chisa,

    Theresa here from SLJ – I was trying to look at your escape room but nothing is showing.

    To make sure that you get quality comments on your work could you please update the sharing settings.
    Here is a screencast to show you how to make your content anyone with the link can view.


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