Summer Learning Journey | Math Riddles Questions

In this next Summer Learning Journey activity, I have done the Maths Riddles. Our of the 5 riddles I tried out, I got 2 wrong which was how many squares there were and how many times can I subtract 10 from 50. Out of the 5 riddles I tried out from this slide, I got 2 wrong which were, how many total squares there were, and how many times I could subtract 10 from 50.

Are you good at riddles?

Find out more riddles in this site:

One thought on “Summer Learning Journey | Math Riddles Questions

  1. Hi Chisa,

    It looks like you gave these maths riddles a good go, I found some of them quite tricky myself.

    When it comes to questions where you have to identify how many squares or number of shapes there are. I find it helps me to get some coloured pens out and outline them all in different colours. That way I know which ones I’ve counted and it helps me to spot ones I also may have missed.

    It sounds like you were thinking of dividing 50 by 10 in the 3rd riddle! Otherwise you would have been correct!

    Thanks for sharing Chisa,

    Emma – SLJ

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