Day: December 29, 2022

Summer Learning Journey | Tangram Tangles


For this Summer Learning Journey activity, I have done the tangram tangles, and choosing an image that represented summer. In this activity I decided to do three images which were a friend, football, and a cat. The reason why I did a friend, was because when I go to the beach, or park, or just playing tag, it means that summer is on the way. The second image which is someone playing football, is because even though in some countries, it is a winter sports, in New Zealand, there are usually football games in the summer, or even playing in the beach, or park, or just in your front/back yard. The third image I chose was a cat, because I usually see them laying down on top of roofs, or somewhere that has sun on, which shows that we are in the summer season.

I found this activity a bit hard because, I needed to think first where the shapes went, before putting them in.