Year: 2022

Kelly Sport : Cricket

Yesterday LS2 did cricket, coached by Bart who was from Kelly Sport. We learnt the basic skills on how to throw and catch the ball efficiently. To do this we did a warm up on battlers vs fielders.

To start off with the first activity we did a warm up, and the class were divided into 2 groups and 1 group needed to remove the ball from the cones, and the fielders needed to put it back, we also had a timer and this was to see which group still had the most balls on the cones at the end.

Next we threw and caught the ball with our partners. We needed to catch with 2 hands, and when the ball is low you catch it with your hands pointing to the ground, and when the ball is thrown up we need our finger to the sky. The thrower had to underarm throw so it was going to be easier for the person who was going to catch it.

Then we did a team challenge, but we needed to be divided into 2 groups. As a group we needed to knock over the cones and whichever group had the most cones down won the game.

Lastly we played a class game of non-stop cricket. The game was to catch and throw the ball to the thrower and keep our eyes on the ball. The other team needed to hit the ball as far as they could and run around the cone so that the other person could hit next.

I enjoyed doing this activity because I learnt the basics on how to play cricket, and playing a game of cricket. A skill I needed to practise was batting and having good timing when batting the ball.

Treaty of Waitangi Summary

My group and I summarized the Treaty of Waitangi in fewer words. To make our summary, we read a text about how it began and how it affeced Aotearoa due to the many promises broken from when they signed the document for peace for both countries, the Maori chiefs and the British Crown. After we collected many information we picked the 20 important words in the first box above, then chose the 6 most important words that would be included/written in the third box.

Something interesting I have learnt from this while looking into more of what happened in Waitangi, that there was a Waitangi Tribunal to investigate disputes.

Statistical Inquiry

LI: To carry out a statistical inquiry.

We were doing a statistical inquiry, by posing a question which was an open question which helps us find the reason for an opinion. 

After that we made a survey using google forms to find out the opinions of LS2 students. Then we organised the responses on google sheets by clicking data then sort range.

 We graphed the data and this was going to help us read the information much better like a math picture.

After that we analysed the responses and found the reasons for the opinions. Lastly we drew conclusions which we used to find out what the information was telling us and why people thought that way?

During this activity I found it confusing while trying to organize the responses in google sheets.

Sorting Text Structure

LI: To identify the structure of a text.

My group and I were learning about the different types of text structures. The different text structures we learnt about were description, order & sequence, compare & contrast, problem & solution, and lastly cause & effect. These text structures helps us identify and use when we are reading and writing something. Once we learnt and sorted the text structure that was on another slide, we created our own one writing about the CARE values. After we created our own we wrote the definitions of each structure.

This activity helped me make a connection to my reading skills because it’ll help me identify what type of text it is while reading the text. 

Something I have found interesting was how this activity helped me understand the different text structures, and how I can identify them. 

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