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Matariki Challenges


LI: to explain in a creative way what Matariki, food preservation and harvest time is using prior knowledge and originality.

This week, our tasks are being focused around the Matariki new year, and it is about getting together with friends, family, and loved ones. Today we have been writing about interesting facts, what the each names of the 9 stars are and what they mean, how people celebrate Matariki, etc. 

Something I learnt during this task was about how it is about reflecting on the past, celebrating the present, and planning future. 

I  found this interesting because it was about showing our understanding of Matariki and how it could be celebrated to show respect. 

Kapa Haka Performance | Library

Today, the senior Kapa Haka group performed at the Panmure Library, to celebrate Matariki (Maori New Year). The audiences that we presented it to where different kindergartens, parents, librarians, and other public pupils as they also came to celebrate Matariki.

The first song we performed was E te Ariki. This is a traditional Maori hymn, and we performed as a waiata.

The second dance we presented was Tamaki E. This action song is a traditional welcoming song for the people. It reminds the audience to come onto our school grounds bringing the memories of their tipuna (ancestors).

The third dance we carried out was Rona. This dance is a poi and a taiaha item. It is an item about the moon, and how Rona is lonely up in the night sky.

The fourth item we performed was Tuia. Tuia is our second action dance. This is about the birds flying above the high sky. 

The last item we presented was the Haka. The haka we performed was our school haka and was the first time we have presented it in public

I enjoyed doing this performance because this allowed all of our performers to build up their confidence to perform, and also work as a team. 

Senior Kapa Haka

LI: To learn the movements of our Panmure Bridge School Haka.

Throughout the last term (term 1), the senior students from LS2 and Ls1 have been learning our very own Panmure Bridge School Haka, which has been specially designed for our school. 

During these weeks we learnt the actions that go with the lyrics of our Haka. After 7-8 weeks of practising, we as a whole senior school, came together and performed our very first Haka practice, which turned out to be the best of the best, as everyone participated, and gained the confidence week by week to have a strong and confident Haka group. 


(Girls Haka Action Version)

Panmure Bridge School Haka Lyrics:

 K: He tauā, he tauā!
(A war party, a war party!)

R: I ahaha!
(Yes indeed!)

R: He tauā matatini, he tauā mata-kahi-kātoa
(A war party of many faces, a war party who carry tools)

R: E kari nei i te māra tapu o te mātauranga
(To dig in the sacred garden of knowledge)

K: Ko wai rā, ko wai rā?
(Who are we, who are we?)

R: Ko te pou ki mua, ko Te Hoe o Tainui
(The foremost pillar is Te Hoe o Tainui)

R: Ko te pou ki waho, ko Waiheke
(The outer pillar is Waiheke)

R: Koe te pou ki uta, ko Mokoia e!
(The inner pillar is Mokoia!)

K: Ko te pou ki uta ko Mokoia e!
(The pillar of the descendants is… )

R: Koia Pāoa! Koia Pāoa!
(It is Pāoa! It is Pāoa!)

R: Ko te parekura!
(From calamity and destruction!)

R: Ko te hupane… hupane, kaupane whiti te rā!
(We have risen again!)


How Aotearoa came to be

LI: To digitally design the North and South Island based on how they were described in the story.

We watched the story of how Maūi fished up the North Island and how his voyage to visit his mother Papatūānuku resulted in the creation of the South Island. Our challenge was to digitally design the North and South Island based on how the Myth and Legend depicted them to look.

Click here if you want to watch the story.

This activity was fun because it allowed me to expand my knowledge on how Aotearoa came to be. 

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