Day: February 28, 2022

Quick Write Challenge

LI: To write an imaginative paragraph that makes sense.

This week LS2 learned a game called quick write. My partner and I did three quick write challenges, and the paragraphs written needed to make sense by using the words provided. The main idea of doing this activity was using words that actually dont go together like tree and chair.

For the first challenge, we did 2 words for 2 minutes, and then we did 3 words for 3 minutes individually. Our goal was to try to beat our last quick write, and this meant that we could write any type of text story, but it had to come together and understand what the text means.

Lastly we did a  super paired challenge. It was 7 words and 7 minutes. Each 7 groups had to pick one of the 4 nouns, 1 adjective, 1 adverb, and 1 transitional word, and we picked a word stand as an adverb, so this meant it was 7 words and 7 minutes, our total words we wrote were 108.

We enjoyed doing this activity because we were able to learn what quick write is and how we could do it.

Kelly Sport : Cricket

Yesterday LS2 did cricket, coached by Bart who was from Kelly Sport. We learnt the basic skills on how to throw and catch the ball efficiently. To do this we did a warm up on battlers vs fielders.

To start off with the first activity we did a warm up, and the class were divided into 2 groups and 1 group needed to remove the ball from the cones, and the fielders needed to put it back, we also had a timer and this was to see which group still had the most balls on the cones at the end.

Next we threw and caught the ball with our partners. We needed to catch with 2 hands, and when the ball is low you catch it with your hands pointing to the ground, and when the ball is thrown up we need our finger to the sky. The thrower had to underarm throw so it was going to be easier for the person who was going to catch it.

Then we did a team challenge, but we needed to be divided into 2 groups. As a group we needed to knock over the cones and whichever group had the most cones down won the game.

Lastly we played a class game of non-stop cricket. The game was to catch and throw the ball to the thrower and keep our eyes on the ball. The other team needed to hit the ball as far as they could and run around the cone so that the other person could hit next.

I enjoyed doing this activity because I learnt the basics on how to play cricket, and playing a game of cricket. A skill I needed to practise was batting and having good timing when batting the ball.