Day: March 18, 2022


LI: To strengthen our trust with others

This activity was about having trust between our classmates to see how well we could cooperate. We each had a pencil and paper, and drew something on the paper while putting the paper on the back of our pairs. The person who was drawing against a surface was attempting to mimic their partners drawing as best as they could. This would let us improve our confidence and teamwork with each other.

I found this activity educational because I gained more trust in my classmates while having fun.

Dot to Dot Connections – Relationships

To help us strengthen our connections to our new topic of Relationships we worked collaboratively to draw lines between words we thought connected. The example I have chosen to share is the connection between disagreement and tolerance. These words have a connection because people shouldn’t act out when there’s a disagreement towards something. 

This activity was fun because it allowed me to make connections to each word, and allowed me to grow my knowledge on relationships.