RFE Statistical Investigation

LI: to conduct a statistical investigation on reading for enjoyment.

In the past 2 weeks I have gathered data on how much time I spend on reading. This graph shows my progress on the minutes I read. The differences show a lot as I have read approximately 212 minutes for the first week, and 246 minutes on the 2nd week. Seeing the differences between the two, gives me a clear picture that  Reading everyday for RFE allows you to grow your word knowledge and strengthen understanding of words.

I enjoyed doing this activity and collecting data, as this has helped me to continue reading at home, and progress on my word knowledge.

One thought on “RFE Statistical Investigation

  1. Hi Chisa,
    Amazing work, 246 is a lot of minutes of reading! I have also done this activity and I also had more minutes on week 2, too.
    Did you read as much before this statistical investigation was conducted?

    Thank you Chisa!
    Keep it up!

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