Area, Perimeter & Circumference

LI: to understand the math language for the topic (area).

Area is a form of measurement that people use to figure out other things. Different shapes need different formulas in order to calculate the area. It is important to remember the formulas because it would make it a lot easier for you. Area is the amount of space a (2 dimentional/flat) shape can fill or cover. To figure out the formula of any quadrilateral shapes, you need to times the Length with the Width. In maths form it would look like this: (A = L x W). An area of something is always squared eg: 32cm².

The formula of a triangle is; A = bh ÷ 2. Make sure to remember that the height (bh) of a triangle is from the bottom to the tip of the triangle. The base (bh) of a triangle is from one point to another. You need to times the base with the height ( base x height). After calculating the bh you need to divide that number by 2 and that is the area.

The formula of a circle is; r² x 𝜋 or radius squared times pi. The radius is the length between the centre point of the circle to the outside. If you know that the diameter is for example 20 cm you divide that by 2 in order to get the radius. 20 ÷ 2 = 10. r = 10. You then find out what the “r²” is. If the radius was 10, you would need to times 10 by itself in to find what 10² is. 10 x 10 = 100 or 10² = 100. You then times 100 by 𝜋 or 10² x 𝜋. (100 x 3.14).


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