Day: December 1, 2022

Early and Modern Mode of Transport. 

LI: To correctly draw and label a diagram. 

Today we were looking at the change of early and the modern mode of transport. We labeled the different parts of one of the land, sea, rail, and air. We also chose to do one of which were the interior, outside, or the engine. 

One of the differences between the two early and modern cars were how this the Benz Patent Motor Wagon, was created with wooden seats, which could’ve been uncomfortable to sit in, if someone needed to travel long distances, whereas the Mercedes-Benz vehicle is made with leather seatings.

I enjoyed doing this activity because it was interesting to compare the differences between the two, and how in the early mode of transport, there weren’t a lot of technology included in the cars. 

An interesting fact I learnt during this activity was how the the Benz Patent Motor Wagon was one of the first ever cars made.