Day: December 28, 2022

Summer Learning Journey | Rainbow collage template

For this next Summer Learning Journey activity, I have done the step it up. It is inspired by the story of Nanny Mihi and the rainbow, who her grandkids make a rainbow using all the things they found at the beach (like shell, flowers, sea creatures).

In my creation, I decided to have the colour at the back overlapping one another, then adding an object for example flowers, fruits, leaves, and bubbles.

I enjoyed doing this activity because I always love making collages with photos, png pictures and bundling them together or overlapping them to make a great image.

Summer Learning Journey | Escape Room

For this Summer Learning Journey activity, I have created an escape room using Google Draw and Google Forms. (Since it is my first time using Google Forms, I am not fully clear about how to do this, but I have tried it out myself, so hopefully it works fine). I added a few maths questions which is what allows us to figure out what the code is.

I found this activity hard but also fun because while I tried out the example, it gave me a couple of ideas to do the escape room game.

Can you guess where we are going with these items?

Summer Learning Journey | Math Riddles Questions

In this next Summer Learning Journey activity, I have done the Maths Riddles. Our of the 5 riddles I tried out, I got 2 wrong which was how many squares there were and how many times can I subtract 10 from 50. Out of the 5 riddles I tried out from this slide, I got 2 wrong which were, how many total squares there were, and how many times I could subtract 10 from 50.

Are you good at riddles?

Find out more riddles in this site:

Summer Learning Journey | Design your own Surfboard!

In this Summer Learning Journey activity, I have designed my own surfboard which is based on the ocean with fishes. The blue swirl in the middle is the vortex that happens in the ocean, as well as the fish which swims around it with hundreds of air bubbles rising up fast to the surface.

A couple of facts I learnt while doing this activity were how easy and fun it was to do but also gives you a variety of designs and symbols to choose from, like the having sea creatures, waves, summer themed things, etc. I have also learnt the reason why surfers put wax on their boards, are to give you tighter grip on your feet while on board, which reduces slipping off from the currents.

I enjoyed doing this activity because usually I see surfboards with no patterns but with just plain colours, but doing this activity allowed my digital activity to come in, and design a summer themed item.

What kind of designs would you have on your very own surfboard?