Playing with Microbits

LI: to learn how to code with simple blocks and to transfer the code from the chromebook to the microbit.

Today for Tech, we have been playing with microbits and coding with block scripts. We created LED scripts using coding and transferred the completed script to a microbit, which showcases the end result of our script using lights.

For the first challenge, we created a flashing heart LED script, then we created our own LED light using our knowledge of microbit coding. We also learnt about scripting name tags using a string script which displays text on our Microbit.

More specifically, we made the script to do actions according to our coding using variables. Variables are the buttons we use to activate the script, and the button can vary hence the name “variables.”

Next, we experimented with the other coding aspects and found an interest in the music coding which allows us to play tunes and sounds on command. This lesson helped me learn about block coding and transferring LED scripts to a microbit.

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