First Impressions

LI: to describe the first impressions we got of a character and compare them with other characters

We recorded our first impressions of the wolf character from three different texts on the table. Two texts show the wolf as the antagonist and one text shows the wolf as the protagonist. To synthesise our ideas we used our prior knowledge and the new knowledge we gained from reading the text to help us form new ideas. Protagonist is the main character who leads the text, who we see the point of view from (e.g. the three pigs). Antagonist is the character who stands against the protagonist in the story (e.g. the wolf).  

In this task, we wrote an informed comparison from the texts that have different perspectives in the story, to see how the wolf is resembled by looking at the whole table and each character trait we established.

I found this activity helpful because it allowed me to have an understanding of the similaries and the differences between the three different texts. 


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