Senior Kapa Haka

LI: To learn the movements of our Panmure Bridge School Haka.

Throughout the last term (term 1), the senior students from LS2 and Ls1 have been learning our very own Panmure Bridge School Haka, which has been specially designed for our school. 

During these weeks we learnt the actions that go with the lyrics of our Haka. After 7-8 weeks of practising, we as a whole senior school, came together and performed our very first Haka practice, which turned out to be the best of the best, as everyone participated, and gained the confidence week by week to have a strong and confident Haka group. 


(Girls Haka Action Version)

Panmure Bridge School Haka Lyrics:

 K: He tauā, he tauā!
(A war party, a war party!)

R: I ahaha!
(Yes indeed!)

R: He tauā matatini, he tauā mata-kahi-kātoa
(A war party of many faces, a war party who carry tools)

R: E kari nei i te māra tapu o te mātauranga
(To dig in the sacred garden of knowledge)

K: Ko wai rā, ko wai rā?
(Who are we, who are we?)

R: Ko te pou ki mua, ko Te Hoe o Tainui
(The foremost pillar is Te Hoe o Tainui)

R: Ko te pou ki waho, ko Waiheke
(The outer pillar is Waiheke)

R: Koe te pou ki uta, ko Mokoia e!
(The inner pillar is Mokoia!)

K: Ko te pou ki uta ko Mokoia e!
(The pillar of the descendants is… )

R: Koia Pāoa! Koia Pāoa!
(It is Pāoa! It is Pāoa!)

R: Ko te parekura!
(From calamity and destruction!)

R: Ko te hupane… hupane, kaupane whiti te rā!
(We have risen again!)


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