Summer Learning Journey | Toa Samoa

This week for Summer Learning Journey, I have done a teaser activity called Toa Samoa, wave the flag. In this activity I have labeled the different parts of the Samoan flag. The 5 stars representing the Southern Cross Constellation, the blue colour representing for the freedom, and lastly red representing courage.

I enjoyed doing this activity because I was able to learn the meaning behind each colours and symbols on the Samoan flag.


3 thoughts on “Summer Learning Journey | Toa Samoa

  1. Kia ora Chisa, this is Mrs Tele’a from the Summer Learning Journey. Thanks for sharing your post about the flag of Samoa. It’s great that you enjoyed finding out about the connection of flags and the country they represent.
    I hope you will go onto registering to complete the Summer Learning Journey.

    Everyone who participates will receive a certificate and a digital badge for their blog and there are some great prizes up for grabs for our most active bloggers. It’s also a lot of fun! You can register here.

    1. Kia Ora Mrs Tele’a, thank you for commenting on my Summer Learning Journey Blog Post! I have registered to complete in the SLJ for this year, and have fun! I’ve enjoyed learning about the meanings of the Samoan flag.

      I look forward to seeing feedback from your team!

  2. Go Chisa! I just saw your first SLJ post that has you claiming your first set of points – so you are registered! Have fun!

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